Our Guide for Cleaning the Walls Perfectly

Our Guide for Cleaning the Walls Perfectly

Cleaning is one of the activities that require attention to seasons. When seasons change, people usually think about their clothes. However, people do not pay attention to that cleaning habits should also change.
Walls are usually affected by the weather. People think that they are just walls. However, they need your attention.
We have made this guide to help our readers to clean their walls according to the type of paint they have. Once the season changes, try to get rid of this task as soon as possible.

What you are going to need to get the walls clean include
• A bucket.
• A sponge.
• Water.
• A dish detergent.
• Distilled White Vinegar.

We are going to classify this guide according to the type of paint you have.
1. Flat Paint:
Here is what you need to know.
• Flat paint is usually less durable than other types of paint.
• Wring the sponge out completely when you wipe.
•Pick up a soap solution with the lightest detergent.
• Do not use vinegar. Just dish detergent and water will be more than enough. Get more info about how to carry out an effective porcelain cleaning process here.

2. Semi-Gloss Paint:
Here is what you need to know.
• Semi-gloss paint is more durable than flat paint. You can use dish detergent but not too much and not a too powerful one.
• Try to find the softest sponge and use it.
• Again, make sure to wring the sponge out completely. If you did not, you may create streaks on the wall. 

3. Oil-Based Paint:
Here is what you need to know.
• Oil-based paints are among the most durable paints. You can use vinegar and dish soap without any worries.
• Using vinegar and dish soap will be perfect if your kitchen is oil-based paint. All the grease and nasty grime will be removed.

4. Latex Paint:
Here is what you need to know.
•If your walls are painted with latex paint, you can add dish detergents, distilled white vinegar, and other powerful cleaners to your solutions.
• Make the solution moderately powerful in order not to harm yourself.

• The Conclusion:
It does not matter what type of paint you have as long as you know how to clean it properly. Fill the bucket with water and in general, do not use more than a couple of drops of dish detergent.
Search for more information about the type of paint you have and make sure to follow the recipe well.
Cleaning the walls will make your home brighter and you will see the difference immediately.